We place great importance on the wellbeing of our staff and contractors, ensuring all work is undertaken safely and  responsibly,  protecting the environment and contributing to the community in which we operate. We have an established HSE-MS in place. Our Environmental Management System has  been certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI) to comply  with the international  ISO-14001 standard.  All our staff have regular HSE training, and most of our staff are qualified first aiders and fire wardens. Toolbox talks are held before site visits. All Carbon Dioxide emissions are offset. The result is that  we have had not had any Lost Time Injuries, Medical Treatment Cases, or Reportable Incidents since we started the company 12 years ago and after over 100,000 man hours of work.

Our HSE policy is to:

  • Provide a healthy working environment for all staff and contractors
  • Prevent all accidents
  • Protect the natural environment

By having:

  • A systematic approach to HSE management that complies with the law
  • A commitment to achieving continuous improvement and preventing pollution
  • A motivated and responsible workforce

Our HSE objectives are to:

  • Establish a systematic approach to HSE management within the Company
  • Ensure that the Company complies with local regulations and accepted international standards
  • Provide a healthy working environment for all staff and contractors
  • Provide appropriate HSE training for all staff and contractors
  • Ensure appropriate contingency plans and emergency response procedures are in place and functional
  • Establish and operate an effective workplace hazard management system
  • Ensure that all contractors and partners adhere to the Company’s HSE policy and objectives
  • Minimise the Company’s emissions of Carbon Dioxide
  • Minimise the probability and severity of road traffic accidents