Mission “Provide our clients with the very best advice on all aspects of finding, acquiring, developing, and producing the earth’s energy resources, whilst protecting the environment and providing our staff with a supportive and stimulating working environment. ”

Vision “To be internationally recognized as the energy consultancy of first choice for Petroleum Exploration and Development, Geological Storage, Environmental and Renewable Energy Services  ”

Corporate Objectives:

  • To provide high-quality technical and commercial services to companies and organisations involved in the extraction of energy from the earth
  • To focus on the exploration, production, and development of petroleum and geothermal energy and the safe disposal of related waste products
  • To be the very best at what we do
  • To have a global presence
  • To grow the company in a sustainable way without compromising the quality of our work or the well being of our staff
  • To ensure all work that is undertaken or advice that is given is impartial and of the highest quality
  • To employ exceptionally talented and suitably experienced people
  • To manage our business professionally, prudently and with financial integrity
  • To positively contribute to the well-being and professional development of our staff
  • To utilise service providers of exceptional quality, where this will add value to our customers
  • To contribute proactively to the protection of the world’s natural environment